Compiled By Judy Goldmann

Washington County, Oregon Probate Record Book Number 8
Located at the Washington County Probate Department, Hillsboro, Oregon
This book begins with 2 July 1888 and is a record of matters brought before the County Court. In the first part of this record the County Court consisted of the honorable Rodolph CRANDALL, Judge; E. O. HUGHES Clerk of the Court; and P.M. DENNIS, Sheriff o
 The cases are entered many times over the course of probate of an estate, or the setting up of a guardianship, so the names appear over and over: for the filing, for the posting of a bond, for the appointing of appraisers, for the petition to sell proper
Page Estate of Remarks
Page 1    
  WILKES, Annie T.R. CORNELIUS and R. B. GOODIN appointed appraisers. Annie died __ March 1888. Also mentioned Julian BRYAN, JCS. WAGENER, T. R. CORNELIUS, P.M. DENNIS on page 2.
Page 2    
  TUCKER, A.M. William Tucker appt. Administrator. Mentions land in the David ELLERSON DLC.
Page 3  July 7, 1888 Session  
  HAUSLIN, E.M. An insane person. P.M. DENNIS appointed Guardian. Mentions the partition of his land, on the DLC of Henry PATTON
Page 4     
and 5 - DICKINSON, James Peter BOSCOW pet. to be Administrator . Atty.: W.I. HARE
Page 6 7 July 1888 Session  
  SCHMELTZER, Mary E. filed. Continued.
Page 7   16 July 1888 Session
  LICHTY, John Petition By Benjamin SCOFIELD witness to will: T. D. HUMPHREY, James. W. MORGAN. Appraisers: John SHUTE, Robert IMBRIE, Isaac BUTLER.
Page 8   23 July 1888 Session
  LIEBENOW, Carl Filed by widow of Carl LIEBENOW.
Page 9 Left blank  
Page 10    
  LICHTY, John Continued
  PIERCE, Joseph O. filed. Continued.
Page 11    August 6, 1888 Session
  DICKENS, James Administrator: Peter BOSCOW filed.
  HAITT, Caleb   filed
  SCHMELTZER, Mary  Guardian petition by S. H. HUMPHREYS
  MORGAN, C.R. filed.
Page 12    9 August 1888 Session
and 13  HEILMAN, P.C.K. Filed, Hans RASMUSSEN, Administrator., Thomas H. TONGUE, Attorney., Mentioned: LADD & REED, E. SCHIEFFLIN.
  HAULS, E.  An insane person, P.M. DENNIS guardian, filed. His land in the Henry PATTON DLC.
Page 14    10 Aug 1888 Session
  SCHMELTZER, Mary  . Guardian S.H. HUMPHREY. Heirs: C.K. SCHMELTZER, husband. Cora M, daughter age 10, John Quinn, son age 8, Ada May daughter age 6, Franklin Conrad, son age 4.
    10 August 1888 Session
  COOPER, Nancy Ann A non resident, witnesses to will: J. M. APPLEWHITE, E. R. SKIPWORTH.
  MORGAN, Charles R. Heirs: George A. MORGAN, James W. MORGAN
Page 16   16 August 1888 Session
  SCHMELTZER, Cora Guardianship, age 10, Petition by C.K. SCHMELTZER, to be guardian
  SCHMELTZER, John   Quinn Guardianship, age 8
  SCHMELTZER, Ada M. Guardianship age 6,
  SCHMELTZER, Franklin Conrad Age 4 , heirs of Mary E. SCHMELTZER, C. K. SCHMELTZER, petitioned to be guardian.
Page 17   21 August 1888 Session
  ROBINSON, George R. Joseph S. ROBINSON executor.
    3 September 1888 Session
Page 18 COOPER, Nancy Ann Mentions B.W. WILSON, Benton Co., G.A. HORTMAN, Umatilla Co., J. M. APPLEWHITE, E.R. SKIPWORTH. Page 19 John COOPER husband, John Charles COOPER, son, age 19, Flora Elizabeth MERRILL, daughter , age 29.
Page 20    
  MILLER, H.  James and F. C. KELLY, Cooper estate appraisers.
  HAITT, Caleb   Guardian appointed. Mrs. E. J. STAATS, O. C. HAITT, non residents, heirs.
  CUMMINS, Dora Age 14, minor heirs of Corrine CUMMINS. Husband Stuben CUMMINS,
  CUMMINS, Nellie   Age 12 minor heirs of Corrine CUMMINS. Husband Stuben CUMMINS, guardian. On page 21. Continued.
Page 23   6 September 1888 Session
  FEDDERSON, Fedde an insane person. Petition by John HARRISON to be guardian.
Page 24   10 September 1888 Session
  DICKINSON, James Peter MOSCOW, administrator made filing.
Page 25   10 Sept 1888
  KUNST, William Mary KUNST, widow and petitioner, Lena PUTMEN, daughter, age 22, wife of Arthur PUTMEN, Anna COOPER, daughter, age 18, wife of Lincoln COOPER. Ida KUNST, daughter, age 8. Mentions also R. A. MARSKE. Appraisers: August GABBERT, James GOODIN, Conrad VOGHT. 
Page 26   11 September 1888 Session
  ROBINSON, Mary Jane An insane person. Joseph S. ROBINSON petitioner. W.N. BARRETT, J.C. HARE, C.E. KINDT, appraisers.
Page 27   17 September 1888 Session
  HUBER, John F.  
Page 28   18 September 1888 Session
  ANDERSON, John A. Catherine ANDERSON, widow age 34. Heirs: Paul ANDERSON, son age 7, Emma ANDERSON, daughter age 5. John NISSEN, Admin.
Page 29   19 September 1888
  EVERSON, W.H. Filed.
Page 30   21 September 1888
  ANDERSON, John A. John NISSEN, Admin, Alonzo JOHNSON and David SMITH, securities. J. W. H. ADKINS, Stephen Blank , William KANE, appraisers.
Page 32   1 October 1888 Session
  ROBINSON, GEORGE Deceased. Joseph S. ROBINSON, Executor. HEIRS: Mary Ellen ROBINSON, Leticia JACKSON, R. L. ROBINSON, J. S. ROBINSON, Sarah S. OLIVER, grandchild. Mary J. ROBINSON, widow, an insane person. George S. ROBINSON, Robert L. ROBINSON is guardian of Mary J.
Page 34    
  ROBINSON,Mary J. Guardian Robert L. ROBINSON appointed.
Page 33    
  HUBER, John F. Vendal SCHERSHALL appt. Administrator
Page 34    
  PIERCE, J.O.  
  WILKES, Annie  Mentions T. R. CORNELIUS and Jabez WILKES.
Page 35   2 October 1888 Session
   GUILD, Maude minor, Guardianship, appt George. W. GUILD
  GUILD, Myrtle minor, Guardian appt. George W. GUILD.
Page 35 and 36    3 October 1888 Session
  DERSHAM, David    J.W. JACKSON appt. Administrator.
   HUBER., John F.  Vendel SCHERSHALL, Administrator
  LIEBENOW., Karl   Julius ASBAHR, Administrator
Page 37    
  KUNST, William Mary KUNST, Administratrix
    8 October 1888 Session
  CUMMINS, Dora,  
  CUMMINS, Nellie Guardianship, heirs of Corrine CUMMINS, deceased. Guardian - Stuben CUMMINS.
Page 38   8 October 1888 Session
  HIATT, Caleb.  Administrator P.M. DENNIS. Heirs: Mrs. E. J. STATTS O. C. HIATT, James M. HIATT. Guardian - W.N. BARRETT
Page 39    Mentioned as land owners: G.C. & Maggie McROBERTS, Seth & Martha HIGGINS, M. M. WATTS, J. M. BISBEE.
Page 40   9 October 1888 Session
  PRATHER, John F. Mentions Oscar N. PRATHER . H. H. HENDRIX R. W. McNUTT, witness. Mary Jane PRATHER executrix.
Page 41    Appraisers: H. HENDRIX R. B. GOODIN, I. F. BRADLEY.
  FEDDERSON, Fedder  Guardianship for an insane person. Guardian, John HARRISON. Atty: F. A. BAILEY, S.T. LINKLATER.
Page 42    5 November 1888 Session
  FEDDERSON, Fedder Died Salem, Oregon 25 September 1888. T. R. CORNELIUS, Atty., John HARRISON, Executor. J. C. LAMKIN, M. W. HAHN, J. J. REYNOLDS, appraisers. Only heir is Mrs. Barbara FEDDERSON age about 60 who resides somewhere in Oregon.
Page 43   5 November 1888 Session
  IMBRIE James  . Claimant: Elizabeth STANTON, Atty: Thomas H. TONGUE., Executor: W. D. HARE.
  DICKSON, James   Heirs: Elizabeth NICHOLS, sister, deceased., William DICKSON brother, deceased., Stephen McCULLOUGH, nephew, Sarah Page 44 McCULLOUGH, sister, deceased. Atty: Wm. D. HARE., heir: Ann PATTERSON sister, deceased.
  SWEENEY, William J. Guardianship , James BARNES filed to be guardian. Atty: Thomas H. TONGUE.
Page 46   8 Nov 1888 Session
Page 47 COX, W. W. Guardianship of minor heirs. James WITHYCOMBE, guardian. Mentions Mrs. RICHARDSON, Austen COX , Senna COX , Mrs. Mary ROCKETT. Thomas H. TONGUE Attorney.  Arthur COX , John COX, Senna COX, Mrs. Mary ROCKETT. James WITHYCOMBE guardian.
  COREY, George R. Estate filed.
Page 48   10 November 1888 Session
  McBURNEY, John W.,   A minor. J.D. BATES guardian. Joseph BROWN deceased, estate.
Page 49   12 November 1888 Session
  HUBER, John F.   Administrator Vendel SCHERSHAL. Mary SCHERSHAL, mother, Mary SCHMIDT, half sister.
Page 50    
  SPENCE, Joseph  Who died in 1858, with a claim against the government. Married Harriet McKAY ; Mrs. Letitia McKAY now files for administratrix of this estate. Harriet McKAY married Miles BURSTON, one son . Harriet died in 1862; the son Lawrence BURSTON died in 1883 after
Page 51   13 November 1888 Session
Page 51 PRATHER, John F. Appraisal filed. Mary PRATHER
Page 53   14 November 1888 Session
  SCHMELTZER, Mary Guardian C. K.SCHMELTZER of minor heirs Daniel SCHMELTZER, Frances MILLER, minors.
Page 54   19 November 1888 Session
  LIEBENOW, Karl Administrator Julius ASBAHR. Bertha LIEBENOW. widow, Ann and Helen LIEBENOW, children. Debtor: James ASPINWALL. Land part of Charles LEWIS and wife DLC.
Page 56   22 November 1888 Session
  BALZING, Joseph F.  Final accounting filed.
Page 57    
  WILKES, Anna Will filed. Claim by Jabez WILKES. Attorneys: W.D. HARE, T. B. HANDLEY, T. H. TONGUE. Executor: T. R. CORNELIUS.
Page 58   3 December 1888 Session
  JAMES, George V. An insane person, Lillie A. JAMES, guardian, wife. Temporary resident of Washington Co., property owner in Multnomah County.
Page 59    
  BAESLER, William  Administrator John HAMEL
  MUNSEN, Charles A. W. ANDERSON, mentioned.
Page 60 and 61   December 5, 1888 Session
  MUNSEN, Charles.  A. W. ANDERSON, Administrator. Sureties: M. E. THOMPSON, J. P. MENEFEE, Appraisers: E. J. GROHS, John D. ROWELL, C. K. SCHMELTZER.
Page 62 10 December 1888 Session  
  RICHARDSON, Thomas Heirs: R. M. RICHARDSON, Clarissy McCRACKEN, Mary RODGERS, Phebie RODGERS Guardian: Thomas H. TONGUE.
Page 64 17 Dec 1888 Session  
  ELLIOTT, J.B. filed
  COREY, George R. Executor: J. C. COREY, Heirs Drusilla A. JONES. Louisa B. COREY, widow. Land mentioned DLC of Drusilla and Page 65 John DOBBINS.
Page 66   26 December 1888 Session
  WILLOUGHBY, Henry Administrator and heir, C. H. WILLOUGHBY, son, age 25, Heirs: Laura STEEPLES, age 30 daughter wife of Perry STEEPLES, Sarah KEENON, daughter age 23, wife of James CURRAN.
  SMITH, W.W.  Minor, age 14, M. P. SMITH. W. S. SMITH, father. Guardian: Robert POLLOCK
Page 67    
  RICHARDSON, Solomon filed.
Page 68   31 December 1888 Session
  KELLOW, Emma M.  Guardianship, age 19. Guardian: M.C. KELLOW Surety James TURNER
Page 70   7 January 1889 Session
  BALZINGER, James Executrix Jane M. BALZINGER.
Page 70 and 71    
  BAESSLER, William , Administrator John HAMEL.
  DOWNING, Hiram Executrix Annie DOWNING, age 59. Elizabeth A, daughter age 25, Alma I., daughter age 25, James B., son, age 19, William C., son, age 17, Hiram F., son age 14. Appraisers: E.C. KINDT, G. N. HALE, J. D. MERRYMAN. Sureties: Thomas TONGUE, J. W. MORGAN
Page 72 and 73   7 January 1889 Session
  CUMMINS Dora  
  CUMMMINS, Nellie daughters of Corrine CUMMINS, dec.. Purchase of property by Lycurgus GALBREATH.
  HEILMAN, P.C.   Administrator Hans RASMUSSEN.
Page 74   11 Jan 1889 Session
Page 75 DOBBINS, David Warren  Guardianship of; John H. DOBBINS, guardian J. C. COREY. Lessors of land: John and John F. FLETCHALL; also George and R. J. FRAKES. Debtors: M.B. HOARD, John JOOS, Jess CORNELIUS, John J. FOWLER, P. BOSCOW, Q. TANNOCK, A. S. DUDLEY Isaac BACKES, continued:
Page 77    11 January 1889 Session
    Guardianship of James C. COREY filed. Thomas D. HUMPHREY, notary.
Page 78   Estate of Joseph F. BALZINGER Executor: Jane M. BALZINGER, W.N. BARRETT, Atty, Claimants: Printer W.L. JONES, J. W. MORGAN, Court Clerk, and E. C. HUGHES.
Page 79   31 January 1889 Session
  THURLOW, Lenora Powers  Guardianship: Argumento THURLOW, guardian. Heir of Elizabeth Margaret THURLOW, deceased, Sarah H. BENNETT. 
Page 81   4 February 1889 Session
  LICTHY, Ella A., a minor.  Guardian: W. D. HARE. Heir of John LICHTY, deceased father.
Page 82    
  RICHARDSON, Thomas  Administrator and heir: Preston RICHARDSON Person notified: R. M. RICHARDSON, Mary RODGERS, Clarissy McCRACKEN Phoebe RAINES, Nancy BROWN JOBE RICHARDSON, widow, Clayton RICHARDSON Jackson RICHARDSON. Guardian, Thomas H. TONGUE; land on the former DLC of 
Page 84   5 February 1889
  LICHTY, John   B. SCHOFIELD, executor.
Page 84,85 and 86 HIATT, Caleb  HIATT, buyer M. M. WATT. Other property owner mentioned: G.C. ROBERTS Maggie ROBERTS, Seth HIGGINS, Martha HIGGINS. Mr. BISBEE..
Page 87    
  LIEBENOW, Carl Buyer of land N. B. MEAD. Administrator Mr. ASBAHR.
Page 89    
  MONTGOMERY, Marcus  Age 18, Guardianship
  MONTGOMERY, Musetta,  Age 15 Guardianship, Heirs of Francis MONTGOMERY, . Sarah E. MONTGOMERY
Page 90   6 February 1889 Session
  THURLOW, Lenora Powers  Guardianship, Argumento THURLOW; surety I. F. POWERS.
Page 91   7 February 1889 Session
  BUFORD, P.G.   Filed. A. N. BUFORD. S. HUGHES Attorney.
Page 92   14 February 1889
  LIEBENOW, Carl Julius ASBAHR, administrator petitioned to set hearing date.
  FEATHERSTONE, Freddie  Guardianship, Hattie MOORE petitioned to be guardian.
Page 93   THURLOW, Lenora Powers minor heir of Elizabeth M. THURLOW, deceased. Appoint appraisers: John,LANDESS, S. H. HUMPHREYS, James CAMPBELL
    21 February 1889 Session
  THURLOW, Lenora P. Minor heir of Elizabeth M. THURLOW, deceased. Inventory filed, petition to sell Real Estate, by Argumento THURLOW, guardian.
  MONTGOMERY, Marcus  
  MONTGOMERY, Musetta  Guardianship, Sarah MONTGOMERY, petitioner. Benjamin SCHOLFIELD and R. W. McNUTT, sureties.
Page 96    
  PEARSON, Margaret A.  
  PEARSON, John C.,  Minors Guardianship. G. W. PATTERSON guardian petitions, files accounting and for monies due minors. Anna RHOADS, mother lives in Washington Territory; minors reside in Lewis County, Washington Territory.
Page 98   26 February 1889 Session
  SMITH, James   Died 23 Dec 1889 resident of Washington County, Oregon. Sarah SMITH, widow, petitions . William D. HARE, William EMERICK. J.W. SHUTE, William MAUZEY, J. A. IMBRIE, appraisers.
Page 99   28 February 1889
  RICHARDSON, Solomon  . Final account filed.
Page 100   4 March 1889 - Officers of the Court present, no transactions.
Page 101   5 March 1889
  MONTGOMERY, Marcus, minor Petition by Sarah MONTGOMERY to sell real estate.
  MONTGOMERY, Musetta, minor Petition by Sarah MONTGOMERY to sell real estate.
Page 102   7 March 1889 Session
  SELL, Stephen  Admit will. Jesse MOORE petitions to be executor; Anton PFANNER, Charles RUFLI witnesses. W.N. HAYMAN, H. CARSTENS, T. C. McNAMER appraisers.
Page 103   11 March 1889 Session
Page 104 LICHTY, John   Benjamin SCHOLFIELD, executor petitions for hearing. Eliza LICHTY, widow. Children: Ellen A. LICHTY, Lydia F. LICHTY, John W. LICHTY, Frank LICHTY, Elizabeth INDLECOFFER, Minerva SHAUL, Adaline HEBERGER, Rosanna KURTS, Frederick GFELLER, Christina BENALL
Page 105   18 March 1889 Session
  LIEBENOW, Karl Administrator Julius ASBAHR files report. N. B. MEAD purchaser of land. Page 106 Land is on former DLC of Charles LEWIS and wife, purchased by N. B. MEAD. Karl LIEBENOW estate final report, claimant: W. L. JONES, printer, J. W. MORGAN Court Clerk, E. C. H
Page 107    
  EAGLETON, George W.  Died 7 March 1889. A. V. EAGLETON petitions for J. D. MERRYMAN to be appointed administrator. Children: Elizabeth EAGLETON, age 45, M. M. PITTENGER, age 42, E. M. TONGUE, age 40, R. E. MERRYMAN age 37 and A. V. EAGLETON age 34, he a resident of Multnomah 
  THURLOW, Lenora P. Guardianship. Argumento THURLOW, guardian. William POWERS I. F. POWERS, sureties.
Page 108 and 109 are blank.    
Page 110 1 April 1889 Session  
  THURLOW, Lenora P. Guardianship . Argumento THURLOW, father, guardian. Minor lives with D. WILSON.
Page 111 RICHARDSON, Thomas   Final accounting. lists debtors Olive NORMAN, MEIER & FRANK, Legatees: Milton RICHARDSON, Margaret MITCHELL, Olive NORMAN, Mary E. COLBY
  RICHARDSON, Thomas   Preston RICHARDSON, administrator, sale of real estate, part of the former DLC of Wesley MULKEY. Theadore McNAMER, purchaser.
Page 113   2 April 1889 Session
  CATCHING, George W.   Died at Canyonville, Douglas County, Oregon in January 1889, intestate. Real property in Washington County, unmarried, died at age 49 years. Petition by B. H. CATCHING to be administrator.
Page 114    
  CATCHING George W.  B. H. CATCHING administrator, W.N. BARRETT, attorney, J. And B. F. CATCHING sureties. Levy C. WALKER, Jerome PORTER, E. W. DIXON appraisers.
Page 115   6 April 1889 Session
  TUCKER, A. L. Tucker.   William TUCKER administrator, report on real estate on the Peter SPENCER DLC.
Page 116 MONTGOMERY, Marcus Guardianship  Sale of real estate
  MONTGOMERY, Musetta Guardianship Sale of real estate. W. N. BARRETT, attorney. Claimants:
Page 117 W. L. JONES,  printer. William N. BARRETT, guardian ad litem, W. D. HARE attorney. Burrell A. MONTGOMERY. Sarah E. MONTGOMERY,widow of Francis. Authorized to sell real estate in the former DLC of John L. NORTHRUP.
Page 119   8 April 1889 Session
   TUCKER, A.L. William TUCKER administrator files accounting.
  CATCHING,George W.  Inventory filed.
Page 120   15 April 1889 Session
  COLEMAN, Lulu  GuardianshiP, Age 7. Florentine COLEMAN , mother, petitions to be guardian . Father, Frank COLEMAN is dead.
Page 121    16 April 1889 Session
  BRUGGER, J. J.  J. J. BRUGGER is deceased, Mary BRUGGER petitioner. Betsy MILLER and O. A. CURTISS, sureties, Charles F. TOZIER, judge. Heirs: John J. BRUGGER , Lillie BRUGGER , Charles BRUGGER , minors.
  BRUGGER, J.J. T. R. HADLEY S.B. HUSTON claimants as the attorneys.
  HAFNIETER, Gotlieb  Died 7 August 1888. Elizabeth GOEBEL, widow, now married to William GOEBEL lives in Washington Territory. Children: Lizzie HAFNIETER age 11, Lea HAFNIETER age 9, Mary age eighty (?8) years reside in Clark County Washington Territory. Petition relinquishes
Page 124   22 April 1889 Session
  BRUGGER, John J. Filing by H. WEHRUNG administrator for final settlement.
  GUILD ,Christiana  Edward HOLMAN executor files final accounting.
Page 125   27 April 1889 Session
  TUCKER,Oscar W. A minor, Guardianship Petition by Cora TUCKER, their mother.
  TUCKER, Orrilla,  Guardianship Petition by Cora TUCKER, their mother.
Page 126   4 May 1889 Session
  WALKER, E.B.  Estate In Vacation . Dora WALKER, widow petitioned to be executrix.
Page 127   6 May 1889 Session
  JOHNSON, John    W. D. HARE, administrator, petitioned to sell real estate.
  MONTGOMERY,Myrtle Guardianship of , Age 13, heir of Francis MONTGOMERY, Sarah MONTGOMERY appointed.
Page 128 6 May 1889 Session  
  JOHNSON, John  Died April 30, 1889, in Washington County. Petition by Martin L., JOHNSON to be administrator.
  WALKER, John L. Guardianship, age 15, , minor heirs of W. B. WALKER who died 29 April 1889.
  WALKER, Raleigh D.  Guardianship, age 12 John T. WALKER petitions to appoint T. W. THOMPSON guardian. John and Raleigh are brothers, residents of Washington County. Mother and father are dead. John SHUTE and A. FINNEY, sureties.
Page 129    
  JOHNSON, Julius   Died 30 April 1889 in Washington county. Petition by Martin L. JOHNSON to be administrator.
  HAFNIETER, Gotlieb  Conrad SWARTZ files bond. E.P. FENTRESS and J. P. MENEFEE, sureties. Robert IMBRIE, J. WHEATEN, George SCHREIBER appraisers.
  SELLS, Stephen  J. C. MOORE, inventory and appraisement.
   Guardianship of Lenora P. Thurlow, minor. Continued.
Page 130   8 May 1889 Session
   ALEXANDER,Peter.  George ALEXANDER, administrator files final accounting.
  JOHNSON, W. B.   C. M. JOHNSON files will. (The name probably should be W. B. WALKER)
  WALKER, W. B.  Died in Washington County April 1889, Dora WALKER , widow, age 30 years, John T. WALKER, son, age 15, Raleigh D. WALKER, son age 12. Thomas D. HUMPHREYS , J. W. MORGAN witnessed the will on Oct 31, 1885. Page 131 W. B. WALKER . Petition by C. M. JOHNSON e
  HOOVER, F. J.  Died 3 April 1889 age 56, resident of Washington County. Samuel RAFFETY petitions to be administrator. Children: William M. HOOVER, age 22, residence Wyooch, Washington territory , Miron S. HOOVER age 20, residence Washington Territory, Sarah M. HOOVER ag
  SMITH,Lillie V. Guardianship of minor. Accounting by W. J. SMITH, guardian.
Page 133   10 May 1889 Session
  MONTGOMERY, Myrtle  Guardianship, minor. Guardian files bond., R. W. McNUTT, Benjamin SCHOLFIELD, sureties.
  13 May 1889 Session  
  THURLOW, Lenora P. Guardianship of heir of Elizabeth M. THURLOW deceased. Argumento THURLOW, guardian sold real estate. Page 134 Lenora resides with D. Wilson in Jackson County, Oregon. Argumento THURLOW was the husband of Elizabeth M. THURLOW deceased, decreed guardian and
  TUCKER, A. L.  Cora TUCKER widow, S. B. HUSTON, attorney. Oscar TUCKER, Orilla TUCKER, heirs. William TUCKER, estate closed.
Page 136   14 May 1889 Session
  PRATHER, John P Estate, Final accounting.
    16 May 18889 Session
  JOHNSON John    Martin L. JOHNSON administrator files bond. W W. GRAHAM, I. L. MORELOCK sureties.
  JOHNSON, Julius  Martin L. Johnson administrator files bond. Adam SHAVER and S. A. DURHAM, sureties. W. W. GRAHAM, C. B. BUNNELL and S. A. DURHAM, appraisers.
Page 137  T  
  THURLOW, Lenora Powers  Guardianship, Argumento THURLOW files bond. William POWERS, I. F. POWERS, sureties.
    20 May 1889 Session
  HOOVER, F. J.    S. J. RAFFETY , administrator files inventory.
Page 138   22 May 1889 Session
  HOOVER, F. J. Hoover  Petition to sell real estate.
  JOHNSON, Julius  M. T. JOHNSON administrator files inventory, order to sell.
Page 139   28 May 1889 Session
  TOLSON, C. Ward  Guardianship, age 2 years, minor heirs of C. W. TOLSON,
  TOLSON, W.R.  Guardianship, age 1 years, minor heir of C.W. TOLSON, deceased. Lauretta TOLSON their mother, widow of C. W. TOLSON appointed guardian. Thomas D. HUMPHREYS, attorney .
Page 140   29 May 1889 Session
  WALKER, John L  Guardian appointed, petitioned to sell personal property.
  WALKER, Raleigh D. Guardian appointed, petitioned to sell personal property.
  FEDDERSON, Fedder  John HARRISON administrator, final accounting.
Page 141   3 June 1889 Session
  BROOKS, John  Died 25 May 1889, resident of Washington County, Oregon. William D. HARE, attorney. No wife or children, J. A. IMBRIE, W. E. DELANO witnesses to the will; W. S. LADD executor, J. W. SHUTE, R. IMBRIE, Martin SMITH appraisers.
Page 142    
  WILEY, R. E.  Died __ May 1889, resident of Washington County. W. V. WILEY petitions to be administrator, files will. M. J. WILEY, age 49, widow, resident of Washington County, Oregon. Wilbur WILEY, age 32, William WILEY, age 27, Annie McDONALD, age 30 years, resident 
Page 143   4 June 1889 Session
  BRUGGER, John J. Henry WEHRUNG administrator, final accounting.
Page 144   11 June 1889 Session
  BROOKS, John   Executor files inventory and appraisement.
    13 June 1889 Session
  EVERSON, William R. Isaac B. EVERSON executor, petitions to sell real estate, in former DLC of Justus JONES and wife, and J. C. FLIPPEN and wife.
  WILEY, R. E.  Executor files inventory and appraisement.
Page 146   17 June 1889 Session
  PRATHER, John F. Final accounting. Mary Jane PRATHER sole legatee.
  BRUGGER, J.J. Brugger  Minor heirs. Petition by O. A. CURTISS to have Mary BRUGGER released as guardian.
Page 147   21 June 1889 Session
  BROOKS, John    William S. LADD, executor petitions to sell real estate.
    28 June 1889 Session
  KRAMER, Michael Died in Portland 24 June 1889, a resident of Washington County. Robert ALEXANDER petitions to be administrator. No relatives in the State of Oregon, Page 148 no heirs at law, no will. The petitioner is a creditor. Isaac Ball, J. GALBREATH, William JERGENS
Page 149   1 July 1889 Session
  THURLOW, Lenora P Guardianship of minor heir of Lizzie M. THURLOW, deceased. Argumento THURLOW guardian, Thomas HUMPHREYS attorney, sold real estate, Mary E. BENNETT purchaser.
Page 150  THURLOW, Lenora P.  minor heir of Lizzie M. THURLOW, land in the DLC of Peter SCHOLL and Elizabeth SCHOLL. John GROVER, L. STRICKES also land owners.
  BRUGGER, J. J.  heirs. Continued.
Page 151   1 July 1889 Session
  ALEXANDER, Peter   George ALEXANDER administrator, files final accounting. Jesse ALEXANDER, minor heir, Emma V. ALEXANDER, guardian.
Page 152   3 July 1889 Session
  JAMES, George V. Guardianship for insane person. Lizzie JAMES petitions to be guardian; petitions in Multnomah County to sell real estate in Portland, granted.
  KRAMER, Michael  Administrator files petition to sell real estate.
Page 153   5 July 1889 Session
  FISHBURN, George J.   A. K. MILNER administrator. T. B. HANDLEY, attorney, final accounting, to be heard.
    8 July 1889 Session
  MUNSON, Charles G.  Administrator file report of sale of personal property.
Page 154   16 July 1889 Session
  KUNRATH, John    John J. KURATLI administrator of estate files will. Creditors: BACHMAN Brothers, John KUENI, C. L. ROGER, renter. Claimants: John GAHLER, BACHMAN Brothers, John WILSON, J. F. DYSLY, Germania Publishing Co., SCHULMERICH & KOCH, YOUNG Brothers, Jacob WISME
Page 157   16 July 1889 session
  ALEXANDER, Jessie Guardianship of minor age 3 daughter of Emma V. ALEXANDER. Grandfather George ALEXANDER is a resident of Washington County. George ALEXANDER appointed guardian.
Page 158   24 July 1889 Session
  SELL, Stephen Guardianship, age 30 years, an incompetent insane person. Petition by Wilson BENEFIEL, W. N. BARRETT attorney.
Page 159   3 August 1889 Session
  FEDDERSON, Fedde John HARRISON administrator, files notice of final accounting.
  BRUGGER, J. J Deceased, continued.
Page 161   6 August 1889 Session
  SELL, Stephen  An incompetent insane person, 30 years of age, petition by Wilson BENEFIEL appointed guardian. A. THORNBURG, Frederick RUFLI , neighbors gave affidavits that there is no family, no father or mother living.
Page 162    7 August 1889 Session
  VOGT, Conrad   Who died 14 July 1889, resident of Washington County. W. N. BARRETT for John VOGT files will. C. F. TIGARD, Ludwig ROBERTSON, C. S. TIGARD witnesses. Sophia VOGT, age 64 widow, Carline WEISMAN daughter age 36, Sophia VOGT daughter, age 33, John VOGT son a
Page 163  VOGT, Conrad The deceased was age 68 years, Sophia VOGT appointed administrator.
    9 August 1889 Session
  FISHBURN, George J.  A. K. MILNER, administrator files final accounting. T. B. HANDLEY, attorney. Continued.
    10 August 1889 Session
  BRUGGER, J. J.  Guardianship of heirs, O. A. CURTIS petitions bondsman, received new bond. Mary BRUGGER, guardian.
Page 165   12 August 1889 Session
  VOGT, Conrad    Sophia VOGT executrix issued letters testamentary. R. A. MARKEE, William POLLARD, Fred BEHUKE appraisers.
    14 August 1889 Session
  ANDERSON, J. A.   Administrator John NISSEN files final accounting.
Page 166   13 August 1889 Session
  PEARSON, Margaret A.  Guardianship minor
  PEARSON, John C. Guardianship minor, George PATTERSON guardian files receipt of Anna RHOADS, resident of Washington state.
    16 August 1889 Session
  MEEK, J. L.   C. W. MEEK administrator files for final accounting to be published.
Page 167    21 August 1889 Session
  VOGT. Conrad   Estate inventory and appraisement filed.
  JOHNSON, William  Nancy JOHNSON executrix, petition for final accounting, published.
Page 168   26 August 1889 Session
  TUCKER, A. L.    William TUCKER administrator files receipts of Cora TUCKER guardian of Cora and Oscar and Orilla TUCKER.
Page 169   2 September 1889 - no transactions.
    3 September 1889 Session
  KUNRATH, John   J. J. KURATLI administrator. W.N. BARONET, attorney. Notices served on John GAHLER, Clackamas County, on John KUENI, George KUENI, Page 170 John GAHLER, John KUENI George KUENI. Thomas TONGUE, attorney.
Page 171   10 September 1889 Session
  RYMAL, Phines M.  Guardianship, age 14,
  RYMAL, Mary V.  Guardianship, age 11
  RYMAL, Lura  Guardianship, age 5 , Minors. Rhoda E. WATSON is the widow of William RYMAL, deceased. Estate is in Boone County, Missouri, Rhoda is now the wife of Perry WATSON. W. N. BARRETT attorney, N. WATSON is Justice of Peace, W.N. BARRETT appointed guardian. G. W
Page 172    
  JOHNSON, John Petition by Martin L. JOHNSON to sell real estate, located on DLC of William GRAHAM and wife. 
Page 173  Botilda  
  JOHNSON, widow ,  Martin L. JOHNSON son reside in Washington County. John E. JOHNSON son resides in Gilliam County. Eva LUNDBLAD, married to C. LUNDBLAD, resides Spokane, Washington, Edna PORTER age 12, Maud PORTER, age 10, Nevada PORTER, age 15, Agnes PORTER age 14 , gra
  JOHNSON, Julius Petition by Martin L. JOHNSON administrator, to sell real estate. 
Page 174  Petition to sell real estate
Botilda JOHNSON, mother,
Martin L. JOHNSON , brother, John E. JOHNSON, Gilliam County, Eva LUNDBLAD, wife of C. LUNDBLAD of Spokane. Edna PORTER 12, Maud 10, Nevada 15, Agnes 14, residents of Multnomah County, children of Jennie PORTER, deceased sister. Henry MILLER 18, E.K. MILL
Page 175   14 September 1889 Session
  SELL, Stephen An Imbecile. W. BENEFIEL guardian files bond. C. BENEFIEL, S. T. CROW surety
    16 September 1889 Session
  JOHNSON, John A. John NISSEN administrator, W. N. BARRETT attorney files final accounting.
Page 176 ANDERSON, John A.  Catherine V. ANDERSON, widow, Paul ANDERSON, Emma ANDERSON, Jennie ANDERSON and John A. ANDERSON, minor children of John A. ANDERSON. 30 September 1889 Session
  TOLSON C. W. Minor Report filed.
  TOLSON, W. R. Minor, Report filed
Page 177 MEEK, J. L. Meek. Continued.
  JOHNSON, William Final accounting.
Page 178   8 October 1889 Session
  WALKER, William E. R. H. WALKER petitions to be administrator. William died ___ Dec 1887, a resident of Washington County, Oregon over 21 years. Thomas TUCKER, J. D. MERRYMAN, W. D. HARE, appraisers.
  WALKER, Hannah R. H. WALKER petitions to be administrator, died Feb 1889, a resident of Washington County, appraisers Thomas TUCKER, J. D. MERRYMAN, W. D. HARE.
Page 179   9 October 1889 Session
  WALKER, William E. Administrator files bond. John W. FOOTE, J. W. SHUTE, sureties.
    Estate of Hannah Walker. Administrator files bond, John W. FOOTE, J. W. Shute, sureties.
  WALKER, John T.  
  WALKER, Raleigh D. Minors. Continued.
Page 180 BAKER, H. B.  an insane person. Guardianship, Annie BAKER files petition to be guardian, Horatio B. BAKER now confined to asylum, Salem, Oregon. Heirs: Richard S. BAKER age 8 years. James MARTIN , surety.
Page 181    
  JOHNSON, John Continued.
  JOHNSON, Julius Continued.
  LUSCH, John Died 21 August 1889 in Washington County, Oregon. R. P LILLY petitions to be Administrator. George HINES, Cicero HINES and Joseph LEE, appraisers.
Page 182 BRUGGER, William 0. A. CURTISS, administrator, final accounting.
    25 October 1889 Session
  WETZEL, Nicholas Petition by HARE & RICE , attorneys. Deceased died in Idaho Territory, he a non resident . W. D. HARE , administrator in Washington Co., Oregon.
Page 183   28 October 1889 Session
  WETZEL, N. ,  W. D. HARE appointed administrator. John FREEMAN and J. J. MORGAN, sureties. P. M. DENNIS, Thomas H. HUMPHREYS, M. C. COLLINS, appraisers.
  LUSCH, John D. Administrator files inventory.
Page 184   4 November 1889 Session
  LUSCH, JOHN D. R. P. LILLY administrator, petitions to sell real estate and personal property.
  KUNRATH, John  John J. KURATLI administrator, sale of real estate, published notices. Claimants: SCHULMERICH & Son, Riley CAVE, Page 185 and 186 blacksmith, P. M. DENNIS. Purchaser: Leopold DIETZ
  JOHNSON, John  Martin L. JOHNSON petitions to sell real estate.
Page 187    
  JOHNSON, Julius  Martin L. Johnson, administrator, Hare & Rice, continued.
  COOPER, Nancy  Final accounting. Continued.
Page 188    
  CATCHING, George W. Final settlement published.
  MEEK,  J. L. Continued, for publication.
  STEPHENS, Frank A minor, Frank STEPHENS files for Thomas TONGUE to be his guardian, no mother living, father resides in   Page 189 Multnomah County.  Lists Frank STEPHENS, Thomas H. TONGUE , J. D. MERRYMAN sureties.
  JOHNSON, William   Nancy A. Johnson files report and will. Claimants: S.A. MILES, C. W. PURDIN, W. J. WIRTZ, C. M. BEEK. Debtors: Mary L. LYSTROP, widow of J. R. ELLIOTT, deceased, R. H. GREER, J. C. LAMKIN, R. CAVE, N. A. BARRETT, Thomas COX, W. J. WIRTZ,  WEHRUNG & BOSC
  BAKER,  Horatio B An insane person. Annie BAKER , guardian filed inventory.
Page 191   14 Nov 1889 Session
  WARNER, Francis M.  Died 10 November 1889, resident for 30 years of Gaston, Washington County, Oregon. John DETLEFS files will. Heirs: John Francis WARNER age 5, resident of Gaston, Eva Maud WARNER, age 4, resident of Portland. H. C. RAYMOND, W. C. JOHNSON, and Page 192 Will
Page 193   15 November 1889 Session
  WARNER,Francis M.  John DETLEFS files bond, W. C. JOHNSON and A. MATTESON sureties. W. C. JOHNSON, H. McLEOD, Willis VAIL appraisers. 
  JOHNSON, John  Martin L. Johnson administrator. Heirs: Nevada PORTER Agnes, PORTER, Henry H. MILLER, E. K. MILLER, W. T. MILLER all over 14 years of age. Maud and Edna PORTER are under 14 years.  W.N. BARRETT, attorney.
  JOHNSON, Julius  HARE and RICE attorneys, filed for Martin L. JOHNSON.  Page 194  Nevada PORTER Henry H. MILLER, E. K. MILLER  W. T. Miller, heirs over 14 years. Maud and Edna PORTER, under age 14. W. N. BARRETT attorney.
Page 195   23 November 1889 Session
  JOHNSON, John  Martin L. JOHNSON administrator petitions to sell real estate. HARE & RICE, Nevada, Edna, Maud, Agnes PORTER, H. H. MILLER, E. K., and W. F. MILLER  William N. BARRETT, attorney.
Page 196    
  JOHNSON, Julius   
  JOHNSON John   W. N. BARRETT attorney. Martin L. JOHNSON   Land in the DLC of William GRAHAM.
Page 197    
  JOHNSON , Julius  Martin L. JOHNSON  administrator, sale of real estate. Heirs repeated.
Page 198     
  JOHNSON, John   continued.
  JOHNSON, Julius  continued.
Page 199    
  McNAMER, Francis Inventory and appraisement filed.
Page 200   2 December 1889 Session
  BRUGGER, William Final accounting
Page 201   4 December 1889 Session
  WARNER, Emma M.  age 8,   
  WARNER Joseph Francis  age 5, 
  WARNER, Eva Maud age 4,  Minor children of Francis M. WARNER and wife Elizabeth W, died 10 November 1889.
  MEEK, J. L.  Continued.
Page 202   7 December 1889 Session
  KEENON, Henry J.  Died 5 November 1889, resident of Glencoe, Washington County, Oregon. Frances M. KEENON files petition and will. Heirs: Jemima KEENON widow age 60 years, Frank M. KEENON, son age 44, both of Glencoe. Jemima BLACKSTALL age 40,  daughter, of Kansas . S. HUD
Page 203    
  COOPER, Nancy Ann  Publication.
  CATCHING, George W. Continued.
    10 December 1889 Session
  WARNER,Emma May   
  WARNER, Joseph Francis   
  WARNER,Eva Maud   Minors. John DETLEFS bond filed. Roderick MARTIN and A. L. McLEOD sureties. W. C. JOHNSON, H. M. McLEOD, Willis VAIL appraisers.
Page 204 16 December 1889 Session  
  COOPER, Nancy Ann  John Charles COOPER, son of deceased,  executor. W. N. BARRETT attorney. Flora Elizabeth MERRILL, daughter of the deceased. 
Page 205 CATCHING, George W.  B. H. CATCHING, administrator, father of deceased. W. N. BARRETT, attorney.
Page 206 18 December 1889 Session.
  (Date noted wrong)
  DOWNING, Hiram Administrator file accounting.
  20 December 1889 Session  
  WARNER,Emma M.,  
  WARNER, Joseph F.  
  WARNER,Eva V. Inventory filed, petition for sale.
Page 207 contained no names  
Page 208 6 January 1890 Session  
  JOHNSON,Julius Martin JOHNSON administrator files sale of real estate. W. O. HOCKEN purchaser, land in the William GRAHAM DLC.
Page 209      Heirs: Edna PORTER Maud and Nevada, and Agnes PORTER.  Henry, E. K., W. T. MILLER
  JOHNSON,  John  Martin L. JOHNSON, administrator filed report of sale. W. O. HOCKEN purchaser, land in William GRAHAM, DLC. W.N. BARRETT, attorney.
Page 210 and 211 6 January 1890 Session  
  BEARD, Joseph A minor, Guardianship, age 19, files own petition for Hannah PURSER to be guardian. No father or mother living. Has an interest in his mother’s estate in Indiana. Daniel PURSER, security.
Page 212 7 January 1890 Session  
  KRAMER,  Michael  Robert ALEXANDER, administrator, files claim.
  JOHNSON, William Nancy JOHNSON files final receipts. Closes.
Page 213 8 January 1890 Session  
  KRAMER, Michael  Robert ALEXANDER files petition to sell real estate. Heirs: Charlotte Elizabeth WOGRETZ, Catherine ECKLUND, Henrich KRAMER Marie JUHRS , Phillipine WIESTHEIMER, all non residents of Oregon, and residents of Germany.
Page 214 MEEK J. L. C. W. Meek, files final accounting, settlement.
Page 215 LUSCH, John Report of sale of personal property.
Page 216 20 January 1890 Session  
  WARNER, F. M. John DETHLEFS, administrator, reports  sale of personal property.
  WARNER, Emma MAY  
  WARNER, Joseph F.  
  WARNER, Eva Maud Warner.   
Page 217    
  DOWNING, Hiram Final accounting.
  HOOVER, F. J.  S. J. RAFFETY, administrator report publication. Page 218 claimants: G. W. PATTERSON, coffin and box, $36.50, Dr. R. SANDFORD, J. J. FOWLER, W. N. FOWLER, W. N. BARRETT S. J. LINKLATER, KERRON & McBETH.   Heirs: William HOOVER, age 22 years, M. S. HOOVER,
Page 219    
  KEENON, H. J. Petition by J. J. FOWLER, to have  administrator replaced. B. P. CORNELIUS, J. D. LOFTIS, B. BRIER, appraisers.
Page 220 17 February 1890 Session  
  KEENON , H.J. J. J. FOWLER administrator. Francis KEENON, Jemima KEENON have not filed bond.
Page 222 27 February 1890 Session  
  FOWLER,M. Died 9 February 1890 in Washington County, Oregon. W. N. FOWLER petition. Three children: William N. FOWLER age 27 years, petitioner and son,  Sarah Jane FOWLER age 25, John Henry FOWLER age 20, all of Washington County.
Page 223 3 March 1890 Session  
  KEENON, Henry J. J. J. FOWLER, appointed administrator, executor failed to appear.  B. P. CORNELIUS, J. D. LOFTIS, B. BRIER appraisers.
Page 224    
  SWANGER, Jacob  Thomas TONGUE files final accounting. Continued.
 Page 225 SOEHREN, C. C.  Died 23 February 1890. Mary E. SOEHREN filed will, petition to probate. George F. HOLLISTER, Jabez WILKES, witnesses to will.  Heirs: SOEHREN: Mary E., age 30, Elizabeth, age 18, Cornelius Henry, 17, Eva Estella age 12, William Lloyd, age 10, Lester Garfi
Page 226 4 March 1890 Session  
  GUBSER, Joseph  Died 12 February 1890, resident of Washington County. Petition by A. GUBSER, I. C. WINTERS, heirs of Joseph GUBSER Daniel GUBSER appointed administrator. P. M. DENNIS, and J. S. WAGGENER appraisers.
  BRITTON, Henry A. Guardianship , age 19
  BRITTON,Miron Age 16 
  BRITTON, Mollie Age 13
  BRITTON,Alonzo       Age 12, 
  BRITTON, Leonard Age 3, heirs of Margaret BRITTON, formerly Margaret SMITH.  William A. BRITTON files petition, he married Margaret SMITH October 31, 1870 in Green County, Tennessee, Margaret  , the daughter of Henry SMITH who died 7 May 1889.  Margaret died in Washington
  KEENON, Henry  J. J. MORGAN, G. W. PATTERSON sureties. Appointed J. J. FOWLER. B. P. CORNELIUS, B. BREIER, J. D. LOFTIS, appraisers.
  DUNN,Maggie Minor, Guardianship. Maggie DUNN petitions for guardian; J. R. BENNETT appointed guardian.
Page 229    
  ANDERSON, Heirs of J.A. John NISSEN, appointed guardian. David SMITH, Joseph EMERICK sureties. S. BLANK, Levy SMITH,  J. W.H.  ADKINS appraisers.
  8 March 1890 Session  
  GUBSER, Joseph  Inventory and appraisement filed.
  GUBSER, Joseph P.M. DENNIS, A. FINNEY and J. S. WAGGENER appointed appraisers.
Page 230 Estate Joseph GUBSER.    Administrator files inventory.
  KEENON, Henry Administrator files inventory and appraisement.
Page 231    
  ANDERSON, Heirs of J.A. Minors. Inventory and appraisement, John NISSEN files order to sell real estate. Mother of minor heirs lives in Peteluma, Sonoma County, California.
  FOWLER, M. Inventory approved.
Page 232    
  MOORE,  Patrick  Bridget MOORE files will. John O’BRIEN, James BARNES witnesses. Heirs: Edward J. MOORE, 21, James P. MOORE age _ , Julia A. MOORE age 16,  Bridget MOORE age 52 years, all of Cedar Mill, Washington County, Oregon. 
Page 233     Bridget MOORE, executor, witness names again.  James BARNES, John O’BRIEN Charles BERNARD, appraisers.
  7 April 1890 Session  
  SWEEK, John  Petition by Alexander SWEEK filed, will filed. L. P. SPENCER, Mrs. M. A. GAGE witnesses to will. Page 234 SWEEK,  John Alex SWEEK, Milton W. SWEEK all executors.
Page 235 KRAMER, Michael  Robert   ANDERSON, administrator. Heirs: Charlotte Elizabeth WOGREBY, Catherine ECKHARD Henrich KRAMER, Marie JUHR and Phillipine WINTERHEIMER.
Page 236 Robert ALEXANDER   estate.  , administrator petitions to sell real
  MOORE, Patrick  Appraisement filed.
Page 237    
  CHAMBERS, Mary Died 21 March 1890. Petition by W. A. SCOGGIN, Mary COMSTOCK Elizabeth MANNING and Leticia BAILEY her children.   Heirs: Lafayette SCOGGIN age 61, W. G. SCOGGIN, age 58, both of  Gilliam County. Elizabeth MANNING, age 50, Washington County. Martha P. COMS
  HOOVER,  M. S.   
  HOOVER, J.W. Heirs of F. J. HOOVER,  filed by S. J. RAFFETY, Miron S. HOOVER age 20, files petition to make S. J. RAFFETY administrator. Jackson Ward HOOVER resides in Washington State, children of F. J. And Alice HOOVER.  
  FOWLER, Rebecca  Died 18 February 1890.   A. E. FOWLER files petition and will.  Page 239  N. J. WALKER and J. GASTON are witnesses to the will. Heirs: J. S. FOWLER son age 31, residence near Gaston, Elias FOWLER, age 36,  William Thomas FOWLER, age 40, both of Hillsboro,
Page 240   E.C. POWELL,    clerk of Multnomah county court took J. GASTON’S deposition as witness to will.
Page 241 10 April 1890 Session  
  VOGT, Conrad  Final accounting.
Page 242    
  HIATT, Caleb P.M. DENNIS files semi annual accounting. I. L. SMITH & Sons, claimant.
Page 243    
  FOWLER,  Rebecca   The deposition of J. GASTON, witness to will filed.
Page 244 17 April 1890 Session  
  WARNER, Francis M.    Petition to sell real estate filed by John DETLEFS.
Page 245    
  LOW, H. V.  Frederick LOW files petition and will, appointed executor. J. F. DAVIS and Harriet E. FOSTER witness to will. J. D. HITE, J. W. GRAVES, A. J. FANNO appraisers. 
Page 246 26 April 1890 Session  
  HOOVER, M.S.   
  HOOVER, J. W. Bond filed.  J. J. FOWLER and M. J. WIRTZ, sureties. H. H. HALL, Enos DAVIS, C. HICKENBOTTOM, appraisers
Page 247 28 April 1890  
  DAVIS, Joseph W. Joseph died in Ellis County, Texas in 1874. Elisha S. DAVIS petitions to be administrator of brother’s estate.  Elisha was present when Joseph died. Elisha now a resident of Washington County, Oregon, wants to establish a claim against the government. Hei
Page 248    
  LYNCH, William N.  Died intestate at a mining camp “Hogum” in Idaho Territory in 1865. Elisha S. DAVIS files petition for probate. Joseph DAVIS sold to William N. LYNCH pack train mules in 1855, on credit. Elisha now petitions to collect unpaid debt.  B.F. DOWELL  mentioned
Page 249    
  MUNSON, Charles G.   A. W. ANDERSON, administrator files request to sell real estate. All heirs at law are residents of Sweden, are notified.
Page 250    
  SWEEK, John  Alex SWEEK, Milton W. SMITH executors, bond filed. B. KILLIN, S. FRANK,  E. J. JEFFERY, sureties.
  DeBRULER,A. H.  Died 5 May 1890. D. H. PHILLIPS petitions for letters of administration, appointed. A. A. PHILLIPS, N. S. FAIRCHILD, and Nelson WILCOX, appraisers.  A. A. PHILLIPS, surety.
Page 251    
  WARNER,  Francis John DETLEFS and W. N. BARRETT, attorney.  Emma May WARNER, Joseph Francis WARNER, and Eva Maud WARNER, minors. John DETLEFS is guardian, files petition to sell real estate. W. J. RICE is guardian ad litum.
  ANDERSON, Paul  et al Minors,  W. J. RICE is guardian ad litum.
  GIBSON,  W. O.  Died 15 April 1890 age 80 years, resident of Washington County. Will admitted, filed by J. T. GIBSON. Page 251 Witnesses to the will: W. N. BARRETT, R. F. RICE.  Heirs of W. O. GIBSON: J. W. GIBSON sons, age 52, Elizabeth WHITCOMB married to L. L. WHITCOM
  SWANGER,  Jacob  Continued.
  6 May 1890 Session  
  WARNER, Francis M. Died 10 November 1889. Attorney W. N. BARRETT. Heirs: Emma May WARNER, Joseph Francis WARNER, and Eva Maud WARNER. 
Page 254      
  RICE, W. J. Rice  Guardianship. Claimants: E. A. HYDE, Dr. D. W. WARD, W. P. VIA, W. BOWLBY, Raymond BROTHERS, D. J. PORTER, HUGHES & PATTERSON, A. HINMAN, I. L. SMITH & Son, JOHNSON & WILCOX, Mary A, MARTIN, William A. ARCHER. Page 255 Joseph Francis WARNER age 5 is a res
  ANDERSON, Paul,  Guardianship, age 8, 
  ANDERSON, Emma Guardianship.  age 6, 
  ANDERSON, Jennie  Guardianship, age 3, minor children of John ANDERSON . John NISSEN, guardian, Catherine,  Page 256 ANDERSON widow of John V. ANDERSON, and next of kin. Catherine ANDERSON resides Petaluma, California.
  SWANGER, Jacob  Final accounting by Thomas TONGUE administrator. Page 257 T. A. McBRIDE, District Attorney, W. D. HARE Special Counsel. No heirs. $8588.69 paid to the State of Oregon.
  LUSH, John  R. P. LILLY petitioned to set hearing.
Page 258 10 May 1890 Session  
  JOHNSON,  Malaki Died 20 April 1890 in Tillamook County, Oregon, a resident of Washington County, Oregon. W. A. SCOGGIN petitions to be administrator. John SHUTE, Thomas WHEELER, Johnston FREEMAN appraisers.
Page 259 13 May 1890 Session  
  DeBRULER, A. H.  D. T. PHILLIPS  Administrator filed inventory.
  DOBBINS,  Elizabeth  J. C. DOBBINS petitioner, J. C. DOBBINS, son age 49, Portland, Oregon, James M. DOBBINS age 40, resides Idaho Territory. Heirs of Jane REED deceased daughter live in Ada County, Idaho. Heirs of Joseph DOBBINS deceased son living in Missouri.  J. W. MORGAN
  29 May 1890 Session  
  SMITH A. C. An insane person. C. J. SMITH petitions to be appointed guardian, she was appointed. T. R. CORNELIUS, David WILCOX, C. NEEP appraisers.
Page 261 3 June 1890 Session  
  MUNSON, Charles  A.W. ANDERSON administrator, W. N. BARRETT, attorney. Heirs: Johanna Katherine PETERSON, sister of deceased, Christina CARLSON, over 21, both residents of Sweden are only heirs.  Claimants: G. W. PATTERSON, coffin and box $35.00. C. K. SCHMELTZER, J. D. R
Page 262    
  VOGT, Conrad Sophia VOGT executrix, W.N. BARRETT, attorney.  Claimants: William POLLARD, Fred BEHUKE,  R. A. MARSKE,  L. Robertson, S. F. Tigard, E. C. Hughes, W. N. BARRETT.  Page 263   Heirs: Caroline WEIMAN, daughter, Sophia VOGT, daughter, Martha LUCAS daughter, C
  DOBBINS, Elizabeth Administrator J. W. MORGAN filed petition to sell personal property.
  SMITH, A.G. An insane person.  C. J. SMITH filed inventory.
Page 264 3 June 1890 Session  
  NAYLOR,  Catherine  S. Died 11 May 1890. A resident of Washington County, Oregon. Petition filed for  Charles NAYLOR, Edith NAYLOR, Edward L. NAYLOR, Milton G. NAYLOR by E. L. NAYLOR and H. S. NAYLOR to appoint H. S. NAYLOR administrator.  Heirs: George NAYLOR, son, age 32, Cha
  LUSH,  John  R. P. LILLY files final report. Page 265   Claimants: J. T. FLETCHER, E. H., FLAGG, Louis DRIGER, I. L. SMITH & sons, coffin, D. W. WARD, MD, N. C. LILLY, R. P. LILLY, John R. DALLAS. 
Page 266 5 June 1890 Session  
  DeBRULER, A. H. D. T. PHILLIPS  petitions to sell property.
  PICKARD,  William T.   
  PICKARD,  Nannie  Guardianship,  minors.  C. E. PICKARD is the father, appointed guardian.
Page 267     
  SCHMIDLER, H.  Hubert SCHMIDLER died 1 June 1890 age 56 years. Sophia SCHMIDLER files will, she is widow, no children.  William E. SHAVER, Charles F. TIGARD witnesses to the will.
Page 268    
  SOEHREN, C. C.  Mary E. SOEHREN  executrix petitions to sell real estate.
  13 June 1890 Session  
  SWEEK,  John  Milton and Alex SWEEK, executors petition to sell property.
Page 269    
  SCHMIDLER, Hubert Executrix allowed to sell cattle, inventory filed.
  NAYLOR,  Catherine Hiram NAYLOR administrator. Inventory of items given to Edith NAYLOR.
Page 270 7 July 1890 Session  
  KRAMER, Michael Robert ALEXANDER, administrator, sells real estate, Edgar POPPLETON purchaser.
Page 272    
  WARNER,Francis M.  Died 6 May 1890. John DETLEFS executor, reports sale of property, R. H. WALKER purchaser.  W. N. BARRETT, attorney.
Page 274 7 July 1890 Session  
  WILLIS, Sterling Willis Died 8 August 1889, a resident of Washington County, Oregon. T. J. WILLIS files will, petitions to be executor. Heirs: W. H. WILLIS, age 53, resident of Washington County, Elizabeth CHANCE age 49, resident of Astoria, Oregon, Henrietta SHELLI age 49, resi
Page 275 7 July 1890 Session  
  WEEKS, W. W.    Died Middleton on 27 June 1890, age 67 years, a resident of Washington County. Charles F. BARRETT filed petition. S. N. POOLE, J. A. CHAPMAN, H. E. SMITH, witnesses to the will. Heirs: Mary BARRETT, wife of Charles BARRETT, daughter age 30. Grandchild, 
Page 276    
  DOBBINS, Elizabeth  Report of sale of personal property.
Page 277    
  WILEY, R. E. W. V. WILEY executor files final accounting.
Page 278   11 July 1890 Session
  FRIDAY, Henry  Died 17 February 1890, a resident of Washington County, Oregon. Nicholas FRIDAY files petition for  administration. Henry was unmarried, had no children. Nicholas is the only heir. Anton CARSTENS nominated to be administrator. M. MANNING, C. P. YATES, A. 
    28 July 1890 Session
  WEEKS, W. W. Deposition of J. A. CHAPMAN and H.S. SMITH witnesses to the will filed. Mary BARRETT, Charles BARRETT, executors.
Page 279   J. A. CHAPMAN , John WINTERS, A. S. VAUGHN appraisers.
  GIBSON, W. O. Inventory and appraisement filed.
  FRIDAY,  Henry Bond with J. C. MOORE, N. FRIDAY sureties.
    29 July 1890 Session
  WILLIS, Sterling Bond ; J. C. MILLER, Henry GARDNER, William WILLIS, sureties.
Page 280   4 August 1890 Session
  MUNSON, Charles G A. W. ANDERSON, Administrator reports sale of property. J. W. SHUTE named.  E. D. SHATTUCK purchaser of property, Attorney W. N. BARRETT.
Page 282   5 August 1890 Session
  GUBSER, Anna Died 31 July 1890. Daniel GUBSER, David GUBSER, Andrew GUBSER,, John C. GUBSER, and Mary Hart file petition for Daniel GUBSER to be administrator. Deceased was the wife of Joseph GUBSER, deceased.  Heirs: Catherine WINTERS, age 58, John C. GUBSER, age 55,
Page 283   11 August 1890 Session
  WILTROUT, Daniel S. Age 73 who died 21 July 1890 at Gales Creek, Washington Co., Oregon. Daniel WILTROUT, son, petitions. Heirs: Sarah GROSS, age 50, daughter, wife of Daniel GROSS of Fredonia, Kansas. Maria JEFFERS age 48, daughter, wife of Orval GROSS of Fredonia, Kansas. 
Page 284    
  WILEY, R. E. W. V. WILEY files final accounting.
Page 285 15 August 1890 Session  
  WETZEL, Nicholas William D. HARE, administrator files final accounting.
18 August 1890 Session    
  KRAMER, Michael   Robert ALEXANDER administrator, petitions to sell real estate and timber. 
Page 286 26 August 1890 Session  
  GUBSER, Anna  Daniel GUBSER administrator files bond. J. D. ROWELL, C. K. SCHMELTZER, sureties. J. W. BAKER, Jacob WONDERLI,  A. H. VINCENT appraisers.
Page 287 27 August 1890 Session  
  FOWLER,  Rebecca   J. J. FOWLER executor files resignation, A. L. FOWLER appointed in his place.  N.J. WALTER, S. S. LENOX, Thomas BEST appraisers.
  JENSEN, Christian  Died 24 June 1890, resident of Washington County. Mary K. JENSEN widow appointed administrator. Samuel HUGHES, William KANE, D. C. MILLER appraisers.
 Page 288     
  BUTLER,  Mary E. Butler   
  BUTLER, Maud Minors. Martha NICHOLS, mother, petitions to be guardian. William H. BUTLER, deceased was a soldier. Alfred NICHOLS and Charles W. PARROTT, sureties.
Page 289 1 September 1890 Session  
  GUBSER, Annie J.  Inventory filed.
  8 Sep 1890 Session  
  HOOVER Miron S.    
  HOOVER, Jackson Ward  S. J. RAFFETY guardian, petitions to sell personal property.
  10 September 1890 Session  
  ANDERSON, Jennie   
  ANDERSON John A.  Minors. Bond filed, James EMERICK, F. H. MAURY, sureties.
Page 291 13 September 1890  
  HOFFMAN, Ollie M.  
  HOFFMAN, Robie A.   Petition by Sarah CROW, mother, to be guardian. The father Robert O. HOFFMAN , deceased, was due  a soldier’s pension.
Page 292  6 October 1890 Session  
  GUBSER, Joseph  Daniel GUBSER files accounts. Heirs: Anna J. GUBSER , widow - Anna died 1890, Daniel appointed her administrator. Heirs: Daniel GUBSER , age 35, Andrew GUBSER age 48, Mary HART, married to John HART, John C. GUBSER , 55, George GUBSER, 43 years, Benedict 
Page 294 6 October 1890 Session  
  WETZEL, Nicholas W. D. HARE files final accounting. Hearing continued.
  NAYLOR, Catherine  H. S. NAYLOR, administrator petitions to sell personal property.
  CROCKER,  Abner T.  Died 8 September 1890., a resident of Washington County. Charles T. CROCKER files will. Thomas D. HUMPHREYS and Fannie HERNDON witnessed the will. Charles and Margaret CROCKER appointed executors. Perrin STEEPLES, F. M. KELSEY, William D. HARE, appraisers
  WEEKS, W. W. Estate in Clackamas County, inventory and appraisement filed.
  GUBSER, Joseph Daniel GUBSER , administrator files final accounting, sets hearing.
Page 296 16 Oct 1890 Session  
  ROBINSON, Mary Jane  An insane person. R. L. ROBINSON files annual report. Receipts: I. B. EVERSON, T. WITHYCOMBE, C. W. BROWN, J. L. BOATMAN, George S. ROBINSON, L. LANDESS, S. E. CRAIG, Jacob HALVERSON, C. W. JOHNSON, J. MILLAR, LADD & TILTON, J. PATTERSON, Thomas D. HUMPHR
Page 298 21 October 1890 Session  
  MOORE, Patrick   Bridget MOORE executrix, files final accounting.
  30 October 1890 Session  
  WILTROUT, Daniel  Died 21 July 1890, resident of Washington County, Oregon. Daniel WILTROUT, Jr. files. Heirs: John WILTROUT, age 40, Gales Creek, Clara R. DIXON, age 44, Harriet LEAMON, age 38, Daniel WILTROUT,, age 36, all of Gales Creek. Maria JEFFERS age 48 of Fredonia
Page 300 3 November 1890 Session  
  ANDERSON, Jennie  
  ANDERSON, John A. Guardianship,  John NISSEN guardian, report of sale of real estate. Page 301 sold to J. F. JOHNSON. W. N. BARRETT, attorney.
Page 302 3 November 1890 Session  
  WILKINS, Caleb Died 4 November 1890, resident of Washington County, Oregon. William WILKINS, son files will. W. D. HARE and Charles McKINNEY witnesses.  Heirs: William L., WILKINS, son age 38, Washington County, Alfred C. WILKINS , Son age 36, Washington County. A grand
  EBBERT, George W.  Died 1 October 1890, a resident of Washington County. Adna BOHART, child, files will. Thomas H. TONGUE, J. C. LAMKIN witnesses. John EBBERT, age 56, resident of Washington County,  Page 303   Ariadna BOHART, married to John BOHART, daughter age 44,  resid
  JOHNSON, Malaki  W. A. SCOGGIN administrator petitions to sell real estate. Heirs are unknown
Page 304 3 November 1890 Session  
  KUNST, William  Mary ROBBINS, formerly Mary KUNST ,administratix files petition, inventory and appraisement. She, the wife of N. S. ROBBINS, tenders resignation, asks that A. M. PUTNAM be appointed administrator.
Page 305 6 November 1890 Session  
  DeBRULER, A. H. D. T. PHILLIP, administrator files final accounting, set hearing.
  WILTROUT, Daniel Daniel WILTROUT, Jr. Files bond. J. MARTIN, Joe LEE, J. A. LILLY, James McLAREN, David HARPER, Jr., John WILTROUT,, sureties. Thomas COX, W. L. BUXTON, Cicero HINES appraisers. 
Page 306 10 November 1890 Session  
  WETZEL, Nicholas W. D. HARE administrator files will. Owned land in the DLC of Phillip HARRIS.
Page 307  N. , estate closed   W. D. Hare administrator.
Page 308    
  GUBSER, Joseph  Daniel GUBSER files final accounting. Heirs: Anna J. GUBSER, who died _1890; Daniel GUBSER, age 35, Andrew GUBSER, age 48, Mary HART, married to John HART, John C. GUBSER age 55, George GUBSER age 43, Benedict GUBSER age 38, Mrs. A. J. WINTER married to J
Page 309 12 November 190 Session  
  NELSON, Ole  Died 4 November 1890, a resident of Washington County. Lina NELSON files petition to be administrator, she the widow age 27. Heirs: Edward age 4.  J. B. MOYER, William C. JOHNSON, John DETLEFS appraisers.
Page 310 14 November 1890 Session  

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